Startup Madeira: Our DNA

Startup Madeira is an a incubator responsible for boosting the entrepreneurship and innovation across Madeira Island. From the incubation of companies and startups to the continuous implementation of entrepreneurship and innovation programs, we act as a facilitating point of contact for the regional entrepreneurial ecosystem, with national and international partners.

Our network:

Startup Madeira is part of the European network of business and innovation centres. This network, supported by EBN based in Brussels, has more than 160 BIC’s spread across 28 countries of the European Union.
It is also part of the newly created National Network of Incubators.

Startup Madeira is anually sought by more than 200 promotors, in order to request clarification and information on various subjetcs, namely: 

  1. Current financial support for starting a business;
  2. Information on existing incentive systems;
  3. Fitting the business idea into te existing incentive systems;
  4. Company corporation procedures, what to do and where to go;
  5. Activitiy licensing processes;
  6. Feedback on the viability of a business idea or how to put it into operation.

Startup Madeira’s areas of action are very diverse, ranging from science, culture, sports, circular economy, energy, creative industries, IOT, social and environmental impact, logistics, mobility, health and well-being, WEB solutions, sustainability, to digital transformation.

Our Projects:

Startup Madeira regularly develops programs in it’s diverse areas of intervention: Entrepreneurship, Innovation & Digital Transformation. Here are some of the projects:

Accelerating business ideas

> Madeira Startup Retreat – – a 6-week retreat for international startups in the tourism & travel industries
> StartNOW – – Madeira Acceleration Program 

Training of new entrepreneurs
Dynamization of the innovation

> Digital Innovation Hubs
> Smart Islands:
> Portugal Blue Digital Hub

Attraction of digital nomads

> Digital Nomads Madeira Islands –

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