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In 2017, Startup Madeira launched Madeira Startup Retreat – a 6week acceleration program for tourism & travel startups. Over the course of 5 years, there have been 5 editions of this program. To sum up the 5 editions:


During the program, the startups learn (more) about Startup Team Status, Strategy & Business Diagnosis, Value Creation, Brand & Communication, Product Strategy Review, Sales Improvement, Business Model Review, Growth Hacking & Digital Marketing, Soft & Hard Skills, Leadership for Impact, Business Measurement and The Art of Pitching.

This program not only facilitates and improves company culture but also promotes relaxation opportunities. All the selected startups partake in intensive networking events, mentoring sessions and workshops.

To make the retreat an unforgettable experience, each startup has a local host that helps everyone truly experience and enjoy the uniqueness of the island. 


6 years after the first edition of the Madeira Startup Retreat, Startup Madeira launches it’s twin brother – Gaming Startup Retreat. The 6week acceleration program for startups in the creative industries, gaming and/or gamified products/solutions. 

From March 13th to April 21st, Madeira will welcome 10 startups for the 1st Edition of this program. 

❗Applications are open until January 22nd ❗

Check out our website to find out more about the agenda, the mentors, the details and the applications! 

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