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March, the 28th.
Day XII on paradise island.

The clock is already ticking the summer time, and the sun seams to be here to stay. Everyone already knows that the week will sail over calm waters and, completely used to the rhythm by now, every entrepreneur has already pretty much established a routine and is very comfortable with it.

As such, as the working day was starting, we had the pleasure to welcome the mentor for the day, the very energetic Joana Barros – Chief Community Officer at Exeedme. Joana is a force of nature and, at such a young age, she has already acquired lots of experience working at X-Box, before joining Exeedme.

Happy to bask in the knowledge, the startups had the chance to engage in a very dynamic group mentoring, where Joana provided an immense array of tips, tricks and solutions on how to better grow a community. From Discord to Twitter, passing through Instagram and Facebook, and culminating on the streaming platforms, like Twitch, YouTube Live, and even Trovo, no social media was left unturned, no troll was fed, and no doubt prevailed.

With the ship smoothly sailing over serene seas, the sun peeking high in the sky, and the majority of the mentoring done, it was time to get some lunch, for no brain can function on an empty stomach… and the food here is just that good.

The afternoon brought back the, now traditional, one-on-one mentorings.

As always, the mentor was bombarded by all sorts of questions and, like always, the mentor fulfilled and surpassed everyone’s expectations. It’s always crucial to remember the importance these personalized mentorings have to every startup, for here’s when the mentor can better provide solutions for any given problem a team might have… and Joana excelled at that.

Happy, and with a barrel full of new knowledge, the teams were departing as the day was reaching it’s finale, and we reached the middle of the Retreat.
“Tempus fugit” indeed.

Check out all the photos HERE!

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