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It was March, the 29th.

Just like that, we arrived precisely at the middle day, of the middle of the Retreat.

From here on out the countdown for the Demo Day starts.

However, that doesn’t mean we’re gonna let the pressure take over and give in to anxiety; quite the opposite. The plan is to make the days count and to enjoy the time we still have to the fullest.

With that in mind, and as the day was idly starting, the teams were routinely arriving at the college. The sun has been intensely marking its presence, as the recently arrived Spring slowly settles itself. As such, naturally, everyone’s in a happy mood, and the will to learn and grow is relentless. And if the spirits were on a high note, we were given the chance to keep it like that by welcoming Pedro Macedo Camacho.

Pedro is a gaming composer, a truly behemoth in the field, responsible for the soundtrack for Chorus, and owner of a portfolio with games like World of Warcraft, Witcher 3, Start Citizen or Civilization V; a world class array of games with stellar compositions.

With a mentor like him, and with the immense assortment of awesome music Pedro shared with us, everyone immersed themselves on the beautiful landscapes painted by the synths or the orchestras.

Music is the best vehicle to portray emotions or to take us on a journey that could go from the highest of fantasy’s to the confines of the universe. It was such an immense joy to have him with us.

The lunched arrived in a flash, and if the day was going amazingly well, the tone was kept with the opportunity to meet with the Digital Nomads, over the amazing island food. The chance to getting to know more people and to establish another networking environment is key to this whole project.

In the afternoon, Pedro was kind enough to provide the one-on-one mentorings to the teams. Again, the sound environment is crucial for any gaming project, so everyone was more than happy to count with him for another batch of essential information

As such, and after all the questions were answered, the teams left the office, leaving behind the silent sound of another day getting closer to its end, and of another level complete.

For today, Simon and Garfunkel’s The Sound of Silence will walk with us home.

Check out all the photos HERE!

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