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March the 21st, Tuesday…

Another sunny day here, on the island, as if welcoming the Spring that just arrived.

The teams are all in great spirit, friendships are starting to bloom, the work is smooth sailing, and the mentorships are adding lots of content, value and opportunities.

Speaking of which, on today’s mentorship we had the pleasure of welcoming Miguel Resende – Senior Product Manager at TILTING POINT. Miguel is one of those amazing dudes with an absurd amount of cool games in his portfolio. Big names like Top Eleven or Warhammer: War and Conquer, are a couple of those behemoths that, in their own fields, are take the industry by storm.

Bright and early, and with everyone energetically arriving, Miguel pushed the teams into a quick presentation. Of course, ice breaking the conversation mentioning he loves movies like The Matrix and Lord of The Rings, games like Diablo II and Metal Gear Solid II, and animes like Dragon Ball and Naruto, surely helped him get into the good graces of most of us here.

With everyone nice and cozy, in big group, Miguel brought all teams to the working space and challenged them into, all together, creating a full concept for a game, and to build a road map and what the foreseeable future would be for that game. From what genre it would be, to the target audience, passing through metrics and the financial bumps that concept would have to face, the teams spent the rest of the morning debating and sharing views on the best approach to take.
As lunch came, the startups had time to breath a little, before falling into madness again. And madness they got.

After finishing the exercise given in the morning, and amazingly completing the task at hand, the now normal one-on-one mentorship came crashing like lightning, onto the teams. Miguel has a huge amount of experience, and everyone was able to present their projects and studios, share goals and difficulties, as well as receive all sorts of tips and advises on the bast paths to take, to better reach their objectives.

It was madness, but everyone rose to the challenge and fulfilled their goals for the day, and Miguel kept the bar up high.

Tired and happy, everyone was able to leave madness behind, and go and enjoy the pleasures of the island.

Tomorrow is another day and if they think today was madness… they haven’t seen nothing yet.

Check out all the photos HERE!

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