Road Trip!!

Did you really expect that these entrepreneurs would relocate to the beautiful Madeira Island, for 6 weeks, and we wouldn’t give them the opportunity to visit and explore? Nahhh.

On the 1st Saturday it was time for our Road Trip!

We started the adventure at “Mercado dos Lavradores”, the historic local market at Funchal,
where entrepreneurs were able to see the beautiful colors of vegetables and fruits, as well as
fresh fish. 

After the market we went straight to Câmara de Lobos, the fishing village, where we had to know a little more about Winston Churchill’s love for Madeira Island, and also taste the wonderful drink: Nikita. Guess what? Everyone love it and it was a success.

From the fishing village to the highest cape in Europe, with 580 meters of altitude, Cabo Girão: that was our next stop. A little windy but still good enough for an awesome view and cool pictures.

At 12h30 it was time for Lunch, so we headed to the place where the sun shines the most: Ponta do Sol. A little village located in the south of Madeira Island.

We couldn’t miss Ponta do Pargo – and its beautiful lighthouse – where of course more photos were included.

Porto Moniz was our second to last stop for our road trip, where we had the opportunity to see the natural and beautiful vulcanic pools and relax for a coffee.

Andddddd the moment a lot we’re waiting for – our last stop – Serra d’Água, where he had the typical Madeiran drink: Poncha.

Our day ended with a lot of laughs, fun and with no question a lot of love for Madeira Island, we ended our saturday on a high note!!

Check out all the photos HERE!


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