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And so it came.
March the 17th arrived and, with it, the last day of the week.
Fridays imply a more chill day, where the teams have more time to jump into some leisure activities or to catch up in some work that might have been pilling-up.

However, that does not mean that they would be without any sort of mentorship. No sir.
On the last week day we were glad to welcome Philipe Moreau – the Founder at Greener Act – to help us achieve a more eco-friendly way of living, and for a quick presentation on how to reduce our ecological trail.

It’s very important to us, teams and staff alike, that everyone develops a better conscious regarding the world we live in and, because its in our hands, try to leave the planet in a better place than we found it. With that in mind, it was a pleasure having Philipe share his experience and partake on the knowledge. After all, this is the only world we have.

With our minds set into a more environmental-loving state we were able to enjoy lunch, as the hours passed by fluidly and in a more relaxed manner.

As the afternoon schedule was clear, the teams were able to pick their own activities. Between work and leisure, the hours lazily passed us by and we were all able to decompress from a very intensive week and just enjoy ourselves. The relaxation came like a balm for body and soul, and will surely set the foundations for another week that’s peeking right beyond the weekend.

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Check out all the photos HERE!

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