Gaming Startup Retreat | 1st > Demo Day


Gaming Startup Retreat > Demo Day
19th of April > Museu da Casa da Luz, from 14h05 to 17h00
[Free entrance, with registration]
Startup Madeira invites you to the closing session of Gaming Startup Retreat 1st edition, which will take place at Museu da Casa da Luz – Funchal.

This Demo Day is a moment of celebration, representing a 6-week intensive work by our international startups, where they will share their projects with investors, partners, gamers, entities of the creative and gaming industries, community and curious.

For 6 weeks, this acceleration program counts with 9 startups from the gaming and creative industries and/or with gamified solutions: 3Hills (Montenegro), AvaGames (Iran) Black Cube Games (Latvia), Dibulo (Switzerland), LaPalmaFC (Argentina), Parampará (Brazil), UINSIDE (Russia), Wildchain (Thailand) and Zapiens (Spain),

In this afternoon, we are also welcoming Miguel Campos (WOWSystems), Gorete Lopes (Digital Valley Portugal)Pedro Macedo Camacho (Composer) and João Ribeiro (Eterlast) who will explore topics related to the videogames ecossystem and creative industries, from music, software, development, community, opportunities and visions of the future.

This session will also welcome Carlos Soares Lopes (Startup Madeira).


14:05 > Welcome @ Museu Casa da Luz
14h10 > The 1st edition [by Startup Madeira]: Overview
14h15 > Opening Intervention
14h25 > Portugal Gaming Hub: the eGames Lab consortium
Miguel Campos | Founder & CEO @ WOWSystems
14h35 > 2023 Players | Our Startups
3Hills (Montenegro)
Avagames (Irão)
Black Cube Games (Latvia)
Dibulo (Suiça)
LaPalmaFC (Argentina)
Parampará (Brazil)
Uinside (Russia)
Wildchain (Tailândia)
Zapiens (Espanha
15h50 >From idea to product: developing innovative concepts
João Ribeiro | Head of Gaming @ Eterlast
16h05 > Boosting games through music
16h20 >  Videogame industry: developing the ecossystem
Gorete Lopes | CEO @ Digital Valley Portugal
16h35 > Madeira Island: making the most out of opportunities
Carlos Soares Lopes > CEO @ Startup Madeira
16h50 > End of the day & Networking Session
Entry is free, but registration is mandatory (name and email): Register Here 

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