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On April the 5th, at the end of the working week, cut short by the intermission for the Easter festivities, the sun rose brightly, as if to masquerade the pressure felt the days before.

No one quite knows if the shadows cast by the quickly-arriving Demo Day went way for good, or if it was the little break provided by the Easter, that brought everyone to their brightest of moods. But with brighter spirits we all arrived, and the day promised to be a good day.As such, like always, one-by-one the te

ams were arriving at the now familiar halls of the College and, happily, they started settling down for another session of sharing, networking and, above all, a healthy dose of new information.

At 9.30 am by the dot, and after the well-known round of pitches, we all had the pleasure of welcoming Taieb Khalfallah – Product Maneger at DECA Games – for a workshop on how to manage a business and set it to success. Taieb has a vast knowledge on the subject and, for those that love to dwell in numbers, statistics and KPI’s, the day promised to be paradise on Earth.

And that’s exactly what they received.

Being able and know how to measure the growth of our business is key to identifying all the aspects that need to be changed, as well as to acknowledge everything going in our favor so we can keep on nurturing them and, ideally, use them to keep on growing.

As such, with the everyone’s interest peeking, the hours passed, and the lunch hour arrived. With it, a well deserved break followed by a re-energizing meal, allowed everyone to keep the shadows in the back of their minds, and to keep focusing on the fun day they were having.

As the afternoon came, nothing changed. Neither the moods nor the traditions, as the one-on-one mentorings are here to stay, and everyone highly enjoys the private time they have with the mentor. If there’s something we can all take as a win, is this mentorings. The amount of personalized value that everyone is receiving day after day, by itself, already more than justified the realization of the whole Retreat, and everyone’s very grateful for it.

Like that, one after another, as their turn ended, the teams left the building and the silence returned to the old halls of the College. Behind was left the feeling of another day with a job well done.

On the days to come, everyone will enjoy themselves, and experience the pleasures of the island during the holidays. The Demo Day will be just a foot note on their minds during this season.

But they shall not forget that it is coming….

And it’s coming fast.

Check out all the photos HERE!

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