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Day XX
Start of Week 5

April the 10th signaled the penultimate week of the retreat; the last before the Demo Day.
The pressure seams to not be taking hold despite the fact that the time doesn’t stop.

The sun was shining bright in the sky, the spring is already setting its roots on the island, and everyone’s state of mind is bright and cheerful, still oblivious to the amount of information they have to process to be ready for the last day.

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And like that, bright and early, the teams started to arrive at the College. One-by-one, all the entrepreneurs got ready to welcome the mentor of the day, and they couldn’t have asked for a better person to jump-start the week with, as Nuno Folhadela – Founder & AR Creator at ONTOP – is one of the bigger names in the augmented reality scene, here in Portugal.

Embodying the spirit of ONTOP, Nuno is a very accessible person, full of life, ideas and, most of all, lots of experience in this still very new branch of the gaming world. And it is such a cool concept. Just the thought of walking around, perceiving the world through the lens of a camera, but being able to interact with digital monsters, objects or simple information, is mind blowing. The possibilities are endless. Most of all, if the technology could be developed to a point where we can use it in glasses and be transported into a world of imagination, without missing the link to our reality. It’s definitely game changer.

With all the entrepreneurs’ minds racing on high cylinders, the lunch hour quickly arrived and, as always, everyone had time to come back to our reality, get their ideas in order and enjoy a nice meal.

In the afternoon, everything played out like it normally does. The now traditional one-on-one meetings with Nuno began and kept on going for the rest of the working day. As usual, ideas, tips, tricks, and all sorts of shortcuts were given, taken, processed and implemented. And like that, another day came to halt.


No signs of pressure.
No signs of struggle.
No signs of stress.

Everyone’s taking it like the professional they are, but we all started to noticing it:
The Demo Day is arriving; the last days of the Retreat are getting closer; the final presentations need to be ready.

Even here, on Paradise Island, reality is knocking.

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