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April the 13th

The shadows cast by the tower of destiny that is the Demo Day are reaching the horizon.

The final boss is lying in wait for the main characters, portrayed by our entrepreneurs, presenting itself as the last frontier to be conquered. Beyond it lies the spoils of an epic journey, worth of being carved in fire and ashes on the lives of everyone that walked the path of enlightenment.

The stratups are feeling the pressure now.

It’s here, it’s palpable, and it came to stay, and it’s only kept in check by the resilience of anyone that’s feeling it.

The morning rose gray and pale, frigid and cold.

It didn’t rain. It was there to warn. To provide a sign of the immense task that is being put in front of the everyone.


The teams arrived, just like any normal day, ready for the mentorship of the day and, like usual, the mentor we welcomed came like another boon, to provide tools and contacts, as well as a balm of good fortune to almost all of the projects. As such, and with a welcoming mood, we received Pedro Quelhas – Investment Manager at Portugal Ventures – with open arms.

Pedro has an astounding amount of knowledge in business and investment, so it came with no surprise to anyone, when the normal 2min pitches of the day turned into a 10 minute sharing of ideas and experience. Together with the investment and resources Pedro has at is disposal, the amount of contacts and network possibilities within his grasp is insurmountable and, thanks to that, our startups were able to gather one of their biggest weapons, to use when conquering the tower of fate.


Better yet, Pedro Quelhas was also able to provide a one-on-one meeting with each and every startup, allowing the teams to receive the usual personalized feedback, but to also have a greater contact with the investment side of business and to get, in most cases, the perfect reality check in this final arc of their journey.

It was really intense and a truly remarkable experience. One that came to provide the teams with a better grasp on the reality that’s waiting for them on the Demo Day.

The shadows keep on getting darker and darker.
But where there is darkness, there is also light.
And where the dark is heavier, the light gets more intense.

In an event where only the most capable can prevail, our main characters are getting more and more fit to conquer the challenges ahead.

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