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April the 17th,
We’ve finally arrived at the final week of the retreat.
Less 72 hours away from the last boss, the Demo Day.

The week arrived as a slightly shy spring day. Like it has been in the last few days, since we’ve spotted the tower of fate in the horizon, the weather has been constant, not too cold nor too warm. Just weirdly arid.

To make things even more ominous, the pressure can finally be felt by everyone and the anxiety is starting to corrode from within. Not even the strongest human being could withstand the amount of force that’s being cast by the last challenge of the retreat.

And yet, there are no cries for mercy.

No one will give in.

No one will give up.

The challenges are hard, but we’ll face them with a smile.

And that’s exactly how everyone presented themselves in the morning; smiling.
As always, the familiar halls of the college greeted our teams for anther day of work and, this time, with a word they will never forget: pitch. This week is completely dedicated to the pitches and to prepare each and every startup to the Demo Day. It’s presentation, feedback, re-adjust, rinse and repeat.

To help us with this monumental task, we were happy to welcome the amazing Parth Das – Founder and Group CEO of Collective Ace Group. Parth has an absurd amount of experience in the gaming world, either as a company founder, board advisor or even as an angel investor, so we could not be happier when he portrayed the perfect final boon for our teams before the Demo Day.


After a very quick presentation, the day was completely reserved for pitches and Parth, as a very pragmatic individual, jumped right in. Pitch after pitch, everyone had the chance to talk to him, receive feedback and adjust presentations.

Of course, there was a lunch break, but a quick one.



The teams are already looking at the clock and no one wants to waste any time. As such, the afternoon started in the same beat as the morning ended, with pitches and feedback.At the end of the day, the sense of achievement could be felt in the air.
Everyone was tired, but they all felt that the last legs of the journey were within reach.


As always, as the teams were leaving, the silent wailing’s of the college halls were all that was left behind.
In less than 24 hours, the near future of every startup will be on the line.

The countdown is running.

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