We understand that moving to Madeira and being a local for 6-Week can be a challenge. But we want you to have an exceptional stay and for that, you must begin by having a place that you can call home.

Here you can find a list of houses which we made contact with the owners. The prices are for the 6 weeks (from March 13th until April 21st).

IMPORTANT: please note that the launch event is on the 13th of March so it’s mandatory for the startup to be present on that day in Madeira.


We don’t get any commission. The list below is our way to help you look for a house.

Your new Office (google maps link)
The program’s activities will mainly take part at Colégio dos Jesuitas, Rua dos Ferreiros, Funchal

Observation: when looking into a place to stay, take into consideration how close it is to the Gaming Startup Retreat office.

Funchal > 11min walking


Villa Winter APT. 2 – VIEW PROPERTY

T2 – Funchal Center

View location. Dates: March 13th to April 21st
People: 4
Beds: single bed
Price: 3095€

Funchal > 16min car/bus



T1 – Funchal Center

View location. Dates: March 13th to April 21st
People: 2
Beds: double bed
Price: 2437


Flatio has a range of options between T1 and T4 apartments. 

Check them out HERE


A Ver o Mar > 7 min walking

A Ver o Mar is a co-working / co-living concept

Check them out HERE

Algarve Madeira Hollidays

Algarve Madeira Hollidays  has a range of options between T0/T1 & T2
Check out on HERE , HERE AND HERE

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Apartments Madeira - General

Apartments Madeira in geral during the dates of the program: 13th of March to 21st of April

Click HERE


Some options available for the 6 week stay in Madeira Island

Click HERE

Other options

There are a lot of other options out there. (individual rooms, shared rooms, apartments) Take a look at facebook pages, or other booking pages like
– Idealista