The HUB Azul Madeira program aims to create a knowledge and innovation hub, specialized in the Blue Economy, in Madeira Island, generating, multiplying, and benefitting from ecosystem effects in these industries.




  • Gain more Knowledge
  • Boost your startup
  • Increase your Network with some of the most relevant Local Blue Economy Stakeholders 


  • Relocate to the Caniçal Area
  • Leverage your activity
  • Access to specific Assets & Services
  • Permanent Mentorship
  • Support from a network of Blue Economy


Up to 10 of the participating startups will be selected at the end of the Bootcamp, and given the option to move on to the Implementation stage. This stage will begin with the communication of the results, on the 20th of October 2023, and does not have a defined end date. It aims to support the selected Startups in establishing themselves and operating permanently on the premises of Hub Azul Madeira, located in the Caniçal area, Madeira. Participation in the Implementation stage is voluntary, meaning that Startups are allowed to reject participation in the Implementation stage if they are selected after the Bootcamp.

The HUB Azul Madeira program will work with no more than:

1. 15 Startups in the Bootcamp stage
2. 10 startups, selected within the initial 15, will move on to the Implementation Stage

1. Registration is open to all male and female participants.
2. Registration is open only to Startups operating in the Blue Economy, namely in but not limited to the fields of Robotics, Fisheries, Aquaculture and Shipping, operating nationally and/or internationally, that have a working prototype or are at seed level.
3. For the Bootcamp stage, startups not belonging to the EU will need to get a Schengen VISA. If assistance is needed in the application of a 90-day visa, the HUB Azul Madeira organization is available to assist you.
Note: Assistance can only be guaranteed after your application to participate in the Bootcamp stage has been accepted.
4. Startups that voluntarily advance to the Implementation stage are expected to operate from Madeira Island for a period no shorter than 24 months.



1. For the Bootcamp stage, a fully equipped working office space will be provided to all participants in Funchal, Madeira Island.

2. The Implementation stage will happen on the premises of the HUB Azul Madeira, in the Caniçal area, in Madeira Island.

For the Bootcamp stage, the HUB Azul Madeira’s team will help each startup team travel to Madeira in the period of 18-20 of October 2023: a list of suggested accommodations during the program for each startup will be provided by the organization. As soon as your registration is accepted, the organization will kindly guide and assist you in the booking process. While in Madeira, a local host will be assigned to help and support each startup team.

For startups that reach the Implementation stage, relocation support will be provided, such as information of contacts and other details.

To participate in the Bootcamp stage, each startup team will have to cover their own travel and accommodation expenses to Madeira Island.

However, the Hub Azul Madeira Bootcamp organization will provide a list of suggested accommodation.

The Implementation stage will take place on the HUB Azul Madeira premises in the Caniçal area, in Madeira Island. Its value proposition includes, but is not limited to, the following elements:
1. A physical office space adapted to each selected startup’s requirements, with a symbolic rent.
2. Inclusion in the Madeira’s International Business Centre of Madeira, managed by SDM – Sociedade de Desenvolvimento da Madeira (detailed in the Regulation document). Membership fees apply, but may be waivered.
3. Facilitated access to Madeira’s Technological Free Zone, or ZLT (Zona Livre Tecnológica), expected to be operational during 2024, an ocean area dedicated to technology experimentation, with depths of up to 4000 meters.
4. Facilitated access to testing spaces at sea managed by ARDITI and the Oceanic Observatory of Madeira
5. Access to a Data Service from the Oceanic Observatory of Madeira, managed by ARDITI. The service will allow startups participating in this stage to access information resulting from research projects coordinated by ARDITI, as long as that information is not confidential.
6. For the first 24 months, an array of legal and incubation services, will be provided by Startup Madeira, according to each startup’s needs. These include: support in the preparation of applications to specific funding instruments
available in Madeira by faccilitating support in the relationship with Hub Azul Madeira’s investor network.
All funding or investments happening within the framework of the program are to be defined on a case-by case basis.

1. Registration/application period: June 23rd to September 8th, 2023. 2. When they conclude the process, each startup will have received confirmation (via email) of their registration. You can do your registration throug here the Apply page, but before, please read and confirm the Regulation of the Hub Azul Madeira.

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