The eGames Lab consourtium

It was in 2022 that the eGames Lab consortium was approved.

The eGames Lab is a unique egames development and creative industries cluester in Portugal, bringing together 14 companies, R&D centres and public & private entities in order to leverage the competitiveness of the sector and positioning itself globally. 

Overall, it’s main goals are:

  1. develop a video game industrie with the capacity to export in a international level;
  2. reinforce de high level of training and the capacity of companies to recruit in a global context;
  3. boost the global renewal of the communication networks, such as the new submarine cables, 5G and the data centers;
  4. increase the focus on R&D development by companies and enhancing their connection to the cientific-academic field;
  5. Contribute to the growth of other complementary industries (audiovisual, design, etc).

Covering the country from Évora to Lisbon, Madeira and the Azores, the project will diversify the Portuguese economic fabric which is heavily dependent on a single industry (tourism), thereby increasing the country’s competitiveness in IT and Web 3.0 industries.

The consortium has formal support from major industry leaders, such as Sony Playstation, Dell’s Alienware and Singapore’s EnjinStarter Launchpad. The consortium will also work with the prestigious University of Canterbury (New Zealand) and the famous HitLab (one of the best Virtual Reality in the world labs).

The eGames Lab consortium proposal was ranked #2 on the main industry call for funding by the Portuguese European Recovery and Resilience Plan.

It aims to invest 31 Million Euros 2022-2025, mobilizing more than 220 highly qualified jobs, launching more than 14 videogames on the international market and generating yearly revenue of 30M€.

Meet the Members:

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